Wednesday, October 25, 2017

"And this growth on my neck is Cornwall."

 Wherein Jack has lots to do

 One of which includes editing for Finding the Magic. Which means she is also impatient yet again to start on the book and the cover.

  I've also been busy sewing, and cleaning. And all the wildlife needs clean cages and they are not going to let me forget it until they have them. Then there is shopping which must be done.

 But since I am feeling better none of this is too difficult. Just trying to find time for editing though. Which I probably can't get to today since I also have to bake cookies. Which will hopefully turn out and look like pumpkins. *Muffled laughter in the background*

 Indian Summer is here at last and I am now well enough to enjoy it, which is even better. Though the hint of winter we had made me excited and ready for I guess there is just no making me happy.

 I have been working on my newsletter. I know, most people would have it done by now, but between work and school and the fact I am not tech savvy I've had trouble with it. A friend recently helped me find a site where I should be able to set up the newsletter. Soon I hope to have a sample ready to be sent out. In fact I plan to work on it tonight if I am able to get all my emails and letters and homework finished.

 Which I should go and start on.

 Quote is from Quest for Camelot, because I like that movie. 



  1. Even if your pumpkin cookies are misshapen, I bet they'll be good.

  2. I love Indian Summer! Wish it had come here.

  3. I LOVE QUEST FOR CAMELOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

    ...... Now I must go watch it again!!!!!!!!!!!! XD <3 XD

  4. You got a lot going on, best of luck with it!


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