Wednesday, October 18, 2017

"I didn't realize you were..." "What? Tall? Handsome?"

Long time no post.

Wherein Jack has been a bad blogger.

Why, you might ask? She has no good reason. Except school, which she hates this semester.

And I mean HATES. Never has she hated a class the way she's hated this one. Her teacher is great, but the other students, not so much. And the class in general stinks. She dreads it. Every moment of it. It's not at all fun and she can't wait until it is over.

BUT in other news, a teacher is rumored to have bought her book! This could mean good and amazing things for Franz and Japhet.

Also she is back to talking in the third person. Why? Even she doesn't know.

She spent this weekend bed ridden, doctor's orders, because she had bronchitis. Therefore she wrote. YES! The Author is actually authoring again! About time.

Now she is going to go because she would like to write more before bed, and she has a busy day tomorrow with THE CLASS SHE HATES. And the dentist who is HYDRA in disguise. 



  1. Sorry the class sucks and you've been sick. Hope you keep writing when you get better.

  2. I hate school, so I understand, but writing!
    Writing is good, I am reading your story right now, The Broken Blade, I'm enjoying it!

  3. ah, so sad when a great place called school should be awful. School, learning, books, should never be that way.... I'm sorry ;/ Good luck with your writing!

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