Friday, November 03, 2017

"They're trying to kill you and you're apologizing for living!"

 Wherein Jack is NaNoing.

 Since writing has been so hard for me lately, it seemed important to try and do NaNo this month in spite of my school woes. Therefore, I am slowly plugging away, and while it is only day three, I have been able to keep up on my word count.

 It hasn't been easy to get back into writing. I have written off and on, as everyone knows, and have tried to keep up on editing, but to sit down and finish a book. I've not done that in a while. Not since Brothers-in-Arms. 

 I feel a little overwhelmed at the idea of finishing a novel in a month, even though it used to be a common thing with me. But if all goes well I plan to keep up on my 50,000 words a month and finish my other novels. 

 But for now I am going to take writing one day at a time. And I will see where this new/ not so new/ story takes me.



  1. Good luck on the writing to you, Jack!

    Oh, and Adrian informed me this week that he can't decide which of us is the most terrible author. There is no pleasing these characters, is there?

  2. If you're on track, that's good. And hit fifty thousand or not, if it gets you back into the writing mode, that's the best part.

  3. First: love your title. Second: One day at a time is the way ;) Good luck!


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