Friday, January 05, 2018

"Go away."

 In which Jack....

 That's kind of how my mind has been working this week. One long blank after another. It isn't that I don't have plenty to keep me busy, I think I just have too much. There are dr. visits, and eye dr. visits because APPARENTLY I still need glasses even though I've once again gone a year without them. *Cough cough* My adopted mom found out my glasses had been sat on and that I didn't replace them. So, next on my list of things I need to buy...glasses.

 Dog has an eye infection so Monday she has to go to the dog doctor and then I have to go to the human one for a check up. We might go get doughnuts after because we don't like doctors.

 Turns out there are a lot of dr. visits this week, mostly just that. I have to take my car in for a check change. Go get an Xray to see why my rib still hurts. Oh, and as if that isn't enough I have to go to the dentist too.

 Maybe after it all I will have a giant hot chocolate.

 What else?

 Oh yeah. I watched the Last Jedi and though I didn't cry during the movie I did cry the next day. Definitely one of my favorites. Loved Luke in it.

Okay, that's all I have. I want to go and read. 

 Quote is from The Last Jedi.



  1. That is a lot of medical visits. Eat a whole chocolate pie afterwards.
    Last Jedi is definitely one of my favorite Star Wars movies.

  2. I'm not a fan of Doctors either, wish you luck with that.

    The Last Jedi was so good!


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