Sunday, January 21, 2018

'He's not usually like this...oh no."

 Wherein Jack has writing friends!!!!!!!

 Today I am doing a bit of promoting.

 It is hard to be a new Author. Even harder to be alone and a new Author. Setting up a blog or website, making contact with readers, FINDING readers...all of that is hard and daunting. But the thing about Authors is we like to help fellow Authors out. I wouldn't be where I am today without the help of many Authors who promoted my book, linked to my blog, or just mentioned me on facebook.

 Now it is my turn. And I am very honored to help two new Authors out who are jumping feet first into publishing.

 First is Grace Kent. She is an Author of Christian romance novels. She is a good friend of mine and a wonderful lady, and a wonderful Author. I am currently reading her novel, Defiant and am really enjoying it even though I don't typically go for romance novels. 

 Grace has her own website set up, here. She is also on Facebook and Goodreeads

 I highly recommend looking more into her books. She is not published yet but she still might be handing out advanced copies in exchange for reviews. And if not she is diligently seeking out a publisher so it would just be a good idea in general to keep an eye on her website and books.

 The second Author I am promoting is my dear friend Annamaria DeLallo. She writes delightful children's books, the Dragon and Martin Series. I completely adore these books and am SO happy to be her beta reader because I get to read them all early. Even if you are an adult I highly recommend these books. They are so fun and sweet. (And if you ask she might send an advanced copy in exchange for a review.)

 Annamaria blogs at She is also on Goodreads, and Facebook, though she doesn't have an Author page set up yet. 

 Annamaria has submitted her first book to Dove Publishers and is waiting to hear back from them so, hopefully, her book will be out this year!

 I highly suggest you take the time to meet these wonderful Authors!

 Quote is from How to Train your Dragon.



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