Thursday, January 11, 2018

"That's not how the force works!"

 Wherein Jack has super glue on her glasses.

 Why? Because I am Jack and that is what happens to me. Can I still see? Oh sure. Technically I don't even need the things so in a round about way it is all good.

 This is going to be short. I have to slip over on my other email and write a letter before bed and I would like to curl up early enough to read my book.

 School started back up. I realized I am close to my degree though so I am seriously thinking of taking the spring off and working only on my writing and editing. I really want to get the Blade books out and finish my NaNo book.

 I have not heard anything yet on Finding the Magic, but I will keep you all posted the moment I hear anything. Probably in caps. Something like I GOT AN EMAIL FROM MY PUBLISHER!

 My week of doctors is now over. Tomorrow I have to give Dog a brush and a bath and clean my floors and read another chapter in my school book...then SEMGOL IS FREE FOR THE WEEKEND!

 Okay, that's all I have. My book is begging to be read so I should get a start on the email.




  1. Glad you are close to your degree!
    Enjoy your weekend and hope you get good news soon.


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