Wednesday, January 24, 2018

"You're a princess, you don't have to settle."

 Wherein Jack can't life.

 If you need her she will be in her tree house.

 I have been doing some deep thinking the last few months. Nothing I can share of course because I like to be all mysterious like that.

 Okay, I can share some of it.

 Some of the deep things I have been mulling over involve my writing. Since the death of my friend it has been very hard to write. There have been so many points where I was ready to give up on it and never pick up the pen again, but deep down I knew that would only make her sad. She was a "never give up" type. So here I am. Not giving up.

 But what does the future look like? That has been the big question.

 I got one book published, but what next?

 How about writing again? Yeah, I figured that was a good first step as well. I have slowly been getting better, so now I feel like I want to take it one step farther and write a little every day. And edit a little every day.

 And here's the big thing. I. Am.....going to find myself an editor to hire! (Shocking, the dyslexic Author is going to get serious help.) (P.S. I always get an editor. But this shall be more official.)

 And being me I am going to start this, and all my other new mysterious schemes, as soon as possible. Like today. Because once I get an idea I over achieve it. That's just how I roll.

 Right now I am hunting down editors and digging out my research books and fantasy books and trying to decide what to send to the editor first.

 Mayhaps I need a second opinion from you, my readers. Mayhaps. I will do some more thinking.

 Because I try not to be overly rash...try. I never succeed but I try.

 Good night. Research is calling. Though not as loudly as sleep is. 



  1. You can do it Jack, I know life can be really hard sometimes, but I believe in you. I'm dyslexic too!

  2. I had a short season (actually twice) where I couldn't write at all. Sometimes life is too tough to write. But eventually, writing actually helped me to get out of the toughness. A little. Time mostly, helped. I had no idea you were dyslexic! You write amazingly (I'd never guess!). Good luck with editing. :d

  3. Glad you are getting back into it. I know several good editors if you need to contact more.

  4. I'm so sorry that life and things have been so tough lately. I really fell off the wagon when it comes to commenting on blogs last year... I was still READING them, though I did fall behind on a few. I always look forward to seeing a new post from you pop up in my email.

    I'm glad to hear you are getting back to writing. Praying for you as you return to it and look for an editor.

  5. At the beginning of last year I was going through a hard time writing because I had also lost a friend. I just couldn't find my drive to be creative. So I allowed myself to step back from my writing. And it was honestly the best thing I ever did for myself. My fuel for writing has returned twofold.

    So all that to say, it's okay to give yourself time, to let yourself heal and refuel. Seasons in life call for that, and there is no shame in it.

    But I am so ecstatic to hear about all your plans. I do so hope writing will bring you joy again and everything works out. Praying for you! *hugs*

  6. So sorry about your friend!

    I've struggled lately with "writing goalz" and all that, too.


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