Thursday, February 22, 2018

"We must away, at break of day."

 Wherein Jack got behind.

 I've seen things....

 Dark things....

 Black Rider things.....

 Oh yeah, and Strider. 

 Aragorn is probably my favorite character, both in book and movie. But it is hard for me to decide. Because I love everyone in the Lord of the Rings so much. Just sometimes Aragorn will say something and I will wish to be on an adventure with him.

 Sadly though I am behind on my adventure. I just got to part two. I am going to try and catch up this weekend and this evening, though at the same time I am re-watching Fulmetal Alchemist. And I sometimes get distracted - to clarify I am not watching and reading at the same time, I read and then watch some episodes and then read - but I get sidetracked because Mustang is hot....*Cough*

 I am also behind on my Narnia reading. I am only just on book two. But I can finish that one this weekend and be back on track by Monday.

 Okay, I can't think what else to ramble about. I have no new publishing news and writing is going a major overhaul. And basically I'm too sleepy to whine about the lack of publishing news and too sleepy to explain the overhaul. So that is for another day.

 Besides, Aragorn and Mustang are calling.



  1. (Cough, cough, I sent you something the other week that you were going to share on your blog, and I'd consider it something akin to publishing news.)


    But best of luck on your overhaul and everything else. You can do it!

  2. Love Narnia! I love LOTR, but Narnia makes me happiest :D Enjoy your reading :d

  3. Fortunately the Narnia books are short.
    Aragorn is definitely my favorite LOTR character.

  4. I always get swept away when I read LOTR and Narnia!


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