Monday, April 23, 2018

"Okay, I'll talk."

 Wherein Jack is easily....CHOCOLATE!

 The Ren Faire is coming up in a few months so I decided to be ambitious and embroider my dress. I am going as an Elf this year, even though I am not tall, fair, or graceful. 

 Still working on my new book when I have a spare moment. This week those are few and far between, but oh well. I will make time.

 I am editing another book again. And trying to get up the nerve to edit my Tuskegee Airman book. I love that book and those characters, but I fear I haven't done the real men the justice they deserve. 

 This is another short post. Likely all will be like this for a while, just until I sort out life problems and get back into the hang of things.


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