Monday, April 09, 2018

"You think I can't hang posters!...It's upside down, isn't it?"

 In which Jack once again gives up being an adult.

 Who wants to join me for ice cream in my tree house?? Maybe we can watch Voltron.

 Does Jack have a reason for giving up being an adult?....Does she need one?

 Quick Life update.

 I am working on sewing a summer cloak.

 Still writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 And more or less editing.

 Mostly though I have been listening to records and getting my yard ready for grass and spring.

 BECAUSE SPRING IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Which means I can plant flowers soon. I am so excited!!

 That is all. More to come soon.



  1. haha, your posts are so short but sweet ;) love them :D

  2. I gave up a long time ago. Plan to move to Narnia.


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