Monday, June 25, 2018

"I didn't realize you are..." "What? Tall? Handsome?" "Blind."

 In which Jack forgot the milk for her cereal so is blogging. 

 Yesterday I pulled out my typewriter and did some work on my newest war story. I am doing lots of research for it as it is on a war I know next to nothing about. (That's your hint.)

 Besides that, this week begins my edits for Finding the Magic. Once these edits are done it goes back to my publisher for formatting and cover. Exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Other than all of that exciting news there have been new changes for me, which I think I will keep in the dark for the time being because I am Jack and I do things like that. I've also been enjoying summer. It isn't the best time to write for me, as I tend to be outside with Dog and any sister I can drag out on adventures with me. 

 But these new changes, while scary, should give me more time to blog and write so that is exciting.

 And now I should find something for breakfast and get ready for work. 



  1. Very exciting!
    The quote isn't from the original Daredevil movie but it almost could be...

  2. Quest for Camelot!!! I love that movie so much. Oooh, exciting news about Finding the Magic! Glad to hear you are having a good summer.

  3. Oh, secrets sound intriguing ;D War and . . . who knows what else? ;D

  4. Yay! Someone else likes Quest for Camelot!!! =D


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