Monday, July 16, 2018

"You're embarassing me in front of wizards."

 The AWOL Jack

 Wherein changes sometimes stink

 Mostly this time because they've left me no time to edit or blog.

 Okay, correction, I have time for both but I have no internet. I am borrowing it tonight.

 And it is late and I have a ton going on so I am keeping this short.

 I will not be posting, unless something changes, through the rest of July. Way too much I have to get done, including editing Finding the Magic for the publishers. 

 But I SHALL RETURN!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. So, so, soooo excited about Finding the Magic getting published! I adored that little story.

    I'll miss hearing from you, but if you need to take it easy, absolutely do it! Hope the rest of your July will be a wonderful one! <3

  2. I'm sorry life is busy. Hopefully you have Internet again soon! Have a good July, and good luck with editing and publishing!


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