Saturday, August 04, 2018

"James Bond is hititng on Lucy and she's digging it."

 Wherein Jack is writing again.

 War stories, because that is what Jack does. Do we know why, no, no we don't.

 She is also watching the new Voltron, because SOMEONE JUST DID SOMETHING REALLY RUDE!

 She is also reading more. She plans to get caught up and finish all the many books she started and got distracted on because she has so many shiny new books. Her house might be spilling over with books. Not that she cares enough to stop buying books. Dog might mind but we do not ask her.

 Lifes changes have settled down finally and now she can write in earnest, read, and eat ice cream. All the important things in life. Especially ice cream. 

 And maybe a shower should be somewhere in that list. Because showers after cleaning all morning is kinda a good idea.

 That is all. The ice cream calls.



  1. A shower is always a good idea.
    Glad you are writing again.

  2. So all good things then! I'm trying to get caught up on reading too!


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