Monday, October 01, 2018


 Wherein Jack KNOWS that they KNOW

 Also my orange juice is foaming. Seriously, how is my life like this? FOAMING orange juice?!

 But back to the THEY. I think there must be a note on my door, written in tiny spider script. "Psst, this one has a phobia of us." And all passersby go, "OOoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

 Why else? Sure, all homes are invaded with spiders. But my roomies come up with extra craft ways to see how high they can make me jump. They have bets. So far the winner has got me propelling out of bed, still asleep, and flinging myself all the way across my room. You think ninjas aren't real? Watch me move when there's a spider in my bed.

 I have three in my home at this moment. It started with one moving into my bathroom sink. I tried to wash him down the drain but he built a web all over the sink and now scrambles to safety whenever I turn the water on full blast.

 Number two didn't make an appearance right away. He was trying to up the one in the sink and spun a web inside my shower. I had to battle my way through it to turn on the water spout. The next day I saw him chilling in the cup I keep on my tub for when I give Dog a bath.

 Number three showed up yesterday. He now lives on the side of my bathtub, best buddies with number two in the cup. Needless to say I have this fear to going into my bathroom now. And it is only a matter of time before one hops into bed just to get all his buddies cackling over my ninja jumping.

 And that is all I have right now. I have to go convince my best friend I need to buy a mini blow torch.....



  1. Well I know Ninjas are real! Sounds like you really need some to deal with those critters.

  2. You poor thing! Spiders are the worsts!

  3. Just burn the whole house down. There's no saving that place.


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