Tuesday, October 30, 2018


 In which Jack is doing NaNo

 I picked up an old notebook a week ago and began to scribble in it, and that is when it hit me. I've not really written anything much for the past three years. I've dabbled. Written a line here and there in some of my in the works books. But not sat down and written more than a chapter or two at most in a book.

 I decided a month back I was going to do NaNo this year, but when everything seemed to be going downhill I was ready to change my mind. I don't know what finally snapped me over my three year block, but I picked up my supposed to be NaNo story and for the past week I have written at least two to three pages a day. Nothing huge, but major progress for me.

 Thank you for everyone who commented on my last post with such encouraging words. Your prayers have been a blessing to myself and my friends. Things will never go back to how they were and it will be a long struggle in front of everyone but healing will come and it is easier to see that now. 

 On another note. Autumn has arrived full force here, complete with end of autumn cold. I've been thoroughly enjoying it. I tramp about in the cold then come home to sit in front of my fake fireplace to read and write. 

 And yes, that is correct. My reading slump has also seemed to pass thanks to Jennifer Neilsens The Traitors Game book. Review to come once I finish the book. 

 Other changes have been happening in my life. Small which have become big over time. Things like new jobs, new friends, and trying to plot for a future career. The career part hasn't been enjoyable. I do plan to pick something I will love to do but planning how to get there is less fun. 

 My next step in getting back into writing is to do better at marketing once again. Not that I've ever been grand at it but anything is better than not marketing at all. Speaking of marketing, would anyone like an ecopy of my novella Finding the Magic in an exchange for a review? Let me know!! 

 And for now that is all I have. Thank you all for being faithful and wonderful readers!! 



  1. Awesome! I'm excited about NaNo tomorrow ;D

  2. So glad your doing Nano, Jack.
    I would love an ecopy of Finding the Magic!


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