Thursday, November 08, 2018

"Don't worry, Batty didn't drown."

 Wherein Jack didn't see the title coming, then it suddenly hit her.

 Just kidding, it still hasn't hit me yet.

 I had a request for a summary of my NaNo book. So. You asked for it. (And if you want to meet the characters I've been posting introductions on Instagram. If you don't follow me there, can't find me, or don't have one and would like to meet them here let me know and I will post on here too.)

 Gilbert Baker has run far from his past and started life over. He has tucked himself away in the last place his old life should have been able to find him, but then one Christmas Eve it sneaks into his apartment in the form of his little sister Ava. Ava brings a message from their uncle, one Gil can't ignore.

 Unable to fight the blackmail, Gil returns to his childhood home along to face a lifetime of painful memories and abuse. Everything he's come to fear awaits him, along with the stories of ghosts and a haunted farm house. Gil has no choice but to face his demons, and pray he can win against the monsters which have stalked him for so long.


 This and the last two quotes have been from the Penderwick books, which I've been rereading, which is why I've been using them so much 8-D


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