Friday, November 16, 2018

"Don't freeze." "I never freeze."

Wherein Jack has grand and glorious giveaways planned.

I finally have everything picked out which will be in my Christmas themed, Beauty and the Beast giveaway coming December. I need to figure out how to hold it now. Also maybe set up a blog tour for Finding the Magic.

I've been busy trying to come up with new ideas for posts, as well as having plans to catch up on my book reviews. Neither has come together with a surge of inspiration but I'm making better progress than I have in a while.

Marketing has been pretty much non existent for me for a while now and I want to fix that. I've never been good at coming up with marketing plans. I blog and beg for reviews and that's been the most of it. Part of me is scared to market because that requires self promotion and I'm one of those with low self esteem which makes pointing out anything I've done hard.

Not to say I'm not happy with the work I've put into my books. I often, another terrible habit, compare myself to others. Thinking I need to be an author like so and so or I'll never be good. Then when friends do the same to themselves I scold.

Like most I have different expectations for myself and different ones for friends. So while I scold said friends I don't take the time to scold myself for doing the same thing.

I might not become famous through my writing. Win any awards. Get movies made after my books. Any of that. I might always have my few faithful readers and I'm completely okay with that. I write for you guys and because I enjoy it. But that doesn't change the fact that as an author I should also market my books and stop fearing the thoughts of other people.

I have been using Instagram more as a promotion platform and I've found it a lot of fun to do so. It's fun to bombard my friends feeds with an assortment of random pictures and my favorite books.

I hope to continue down this marketing road, which therefore means all of you will be seeing me more often of all goes as planned.

Until then...bye


  1. Oh, I think your books are destined to win some sort of award and touch many people besides your few faithful readers ;)

  2. You definitely have my support! :)
    And I know exactly what you mean about comparing your work to others - I do the same thing even though I'm not published yet. I get all these doubts that mine won't even come close to comparing, but it is important to remember that God created each writer differently, and He has given each a different writing style and that is a good thing. Talking to myself here. XD
    But yes, rest assured that your books ARE amazing and worth it!!

  3. I have always found marketing a bit scary too!

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