Wednesday, November 07, 2018

"Is it Batty's Bug-Man?"

 Wherein Jack and the DMV don't see eye to eye.

 And it's not just because I'm so short I have to stand on tip toes to see over the counters.

 I just want my plates.

 Besides that I've been busy with NaNo. I. Am. WRITING. Really writing again. And it feels wonderful.

 If anyone is interested I would be willing to share some of my NaNo story, which doesn't have a title yet. That is weird for me, I always title my books before I begin to write. But it will come to me, I hope.

 Anyway, I am off. Writing calls.



  1. I am possibly interested! What is it about? I really want you to finish that Scottish story I started of yours awhile back ;/

  2. I've been doing Nano too! It's exhausting but fun.

  3. Not officially doing it, but I am taking off the rest of the month to work on mine.


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