Tuesday, November 20, 2018

"His first name is Agent."

 Wherein Jack is a nervous potato

 I'm also listening to The Lost Christmas Eve and give zero cares that it isn't even Thanksgiving yet. Yes, I'm one of those people who listens to Christmas music too early and year round. It shall have to simply be accepted. Christmas is my favorite holiday after all. 

 I wasn't sure how well my new book would be received so I am honored by the comments and the interest shown in this new novel. I thought I would do what I rarely do and share some snippets with you all.

 I hope you like them!!

 (Oh, and for those not on NaNo, my book is titled Four and Twenty Blackbirds, from the slightly disturbing nursery rhyme.)

 Calmly unbuttoning his coat and removing his gloves, he got some control over his breathing before he spoke. "How did you get in here? Pick the lock?"
 Ava smiled coyly. "So, you've not forgotten that I know how to pick locks?"

 "I'll never go back!" he snapped.
 "I told him that's what you'd say," Ava scoffed,, "still a coward I see."
 "He let you leave but did you ever believe he'd let you escape?"

 "The baby? How? we've only told our parents! Are you telling me he's threatening my wife and child into making you go back?"
 Gil nodded miserably.
 "I'll kill him!" Kane hissed. The shook his head. "Let's call the police. They can arrest him."

 "You're still so jumpy for a ghost hunter."

 "I don't think it was even real," he said as quietly as he could get away with, "maybe I was dreaming. But I thought I heard my mother saying my name."

 "Brother told me not to hoover by the door." The blue figure spoke and sounded very alive.
 "Brother?" Gil asked.
 The hay rustled, chickens clucked from the back of the barn, and the blue figure rolled out of the stall. Gil rubbed his eyes as he tried to make sense of what he saw.

 The ghost pulled it's lips back even further from it's teeth and then laughed, something between a chuckle and a screech. The sound turned Gil's blood to ice. His knees knocked together and threatened to give out from under him as the laughter turned into a wail. Gil lost his nerve and closed his eyes, then quickly snapped them open. He sagged against the tree with a strangled shout for now the ghost was just inches away and reaching long fingers out for him.
 "Gilbert! Duck!"


  1. Love the snippets, these characters are fantastic!

  2. "You're still so jumpy for a ghost hunter." <---I love it so much! XD I already love this. It seems so fun AND chilling, always a fun combination!


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