Tuesday, November 27, 2018

"The humans think us immortal. Shall we test it?"

 Wherein Jack Finished. A. Book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I am most pleased at the moment. Today I finished the rough draft for Four and Twenty Blackbirds. It feels wonderful to be completing books...well a book...again.

 The ending feels a little abrupt to me so I will have to iron it out when I edit, but the first draft is completed and I am one happy potato.

 On top of that things are under way for the giveaway and now Blog Tour for Finding the Magic. A couple more days and the giveaway begins! Check out Instagram, where I will be hosting it.

 I am nearly caught up on all my book reviews and have finished reading more books this month that I've done all year, not counting the manga, because I did finish a lot of manga this year.

 As you can tell, it's been a pleasant day And now....well....I started a book about Vincent Van Gogh on a whim and would like to get back to it because it's turning out to be really good. 



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