Tuesday, December 11, 2018

"Ah, she's tuckered out, little ankle bitter."

 In which Jack plans to bake bread and other mishaps.

 Because when food and I are involved it always turns into a mishap.

 I am behind on The Broken Blade, but I haven't been writing every day. I am still writing, it is just when I come home from work now I spend time finishing up the one or two gifts I have left to finish. So I plan to finish The Broken Blade in January instead. ALSO I am going to begin and finish the rewrite of Haphazard! So excited for that one.

 Today after work I hope to make some bread and drop by the library. I don't really like the library in my new home. It is loud and bright and too white. So I mostly just swing in and pick up the book I want and leave. I browse my old library when I feel like visiting a snug and safe library.

 I got rather behind on my reading list as well. I got side tracked with the creepy anime, Another, and finishing the final Ghost Hunt manga. I really wish that whole series was translated into English. I have this dream of one day learning Japanese so I can always have my hands on good stories, but with my dyslexia that dream is going to be a long time coming and I'm impatient. I want good stories NOW.

 If you haven't gathered from my quotes, I am in the mood to watch Rise of the Guardians again. And read the final book. I. Want. That. Book so much!!!!

 That's all. Dog is telling me I should go and take her on a walk in`the cold and dark. Or feed her. Or pet her. Or all of the above all at once.



  1. Love making bread! I should do that sometimes soon. Learning a language is so fun - I'm learning German ;D


  2. What kind of bread?
    I used to speak fluent Japanese when I was little...

  3. Aaah,now I want to see Rise of the Guardians again too! Look what you did. XD

    1. That's my goal in life. My work here is done


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