Friday, December 07, 2018

"Am I right, Sandy?"

 Wherein Jack is excited.

 I don't really get excited for shopping, unless it is going to Bucky and Donna's. But today, after work, I get to go buy my tree. I also get to pick up some Christmas gifts, coming home and decorate, and spend all afternoon baking bread, listening to Christmas music, and finishing up the last little gifts I am making. I cannot wait to be off work!

 Today I am also sharing a title from a book I usually only talk about on another blog I have set up. This book has been the hardest for me to write, and one I've not wanted to talk of more than I had to. But I feel called to share it so I submitted it to my publisher and am now waiting to hear back from them. I am also editing it and seeking out reviews, so if you are interested let me know.

 Some of you know about the book as you follow me on my other blog, You also know some of my past story. You can find more information on there, but it is time I stop hiding I think. I wrote this book to help me heal, and in the hopes that those who read it might find healing as well.

 So, here I go. Here is the summary followed by the title.

 Adam Clark has just returned from the war in Iraq. He has come home to a family which has rejected him and wants nothing to do with him. He feels all he has left is the house his grandpa left him and the God he put his trust in. Dealing with PTSD because of what he experienced in the war, Adam sometimes wonders how he will get through each day.

 India Lee struggles with PTSD for different reasons. Suffering trauma from her past, India is often scared to leave her house. Depressed and lonely, her only companion is her older brother Jared and her only occupation her little flower garden. She doesn't trust her new neighbor anymore than she trusts anyone.

Then comes the day when Adam steps outside his own shell to help India. A small act of kindness changes their lives and sets them on a path which could bring them healing if only they are willing to open up and face their broken pasts and their present pain. Their battles are long and frightening, but both believe God can bring them through the darkness until they see the light face to face.


 Again, let me know if you are interested in getting an early copy in exchange for a review on Goodreads and wherever else you would like to share. I will be putting the book on Goodreads today, before or after work, depending on when I get the time.

 Have a lovely day all of you! And thank you for being my readers!



  1. I so know that feeling of writing a book to heal - that's what my novel, "Let Me Meet Death Dancing" was written for. I am excited to be returning to that novel in early 2019 after taking a break from the first draft. But, yeah, it's been hard sharing about that book.

    I'd love to read this book in exchange for a review!

  2. That title!

    I don't have Goodreads (yet. . . I mean it could change), but I could review it on my blog, if you like. This is the kind of book we need more of: denying neither the darkness nor the power of the light to defeat the dark.

  3. I love that you wrote this book to heal yourself, Jack. I have a feeling it might be your best book yet.


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