Monday, December 10, 2018

"Snow day!"

Wherein Jack sometimes doesn't make her bed

Usually it's my first morning chore. Wake up and make the bed. Tidy up while drinking coffee and head to work. Not that I'm ocd by any means. I just like a tidy place which is easy to accomplish since I live alone and Dog isn't messy.

But some mornings I turn off my alarm and snuggle under the blankets for a few minutes of dozing. Why? Because it's SOOOOOOOOOO warm. And Dog lays on my feet and I wouldn't want Dog to feel I don't love her.

That was this morning. So I'll do my chores when I'm home from work. Post about the giveaway. Hide under a blanket and read. The usual things I do to pass an evening. (Watch a creepy anime before it gets too dark out.)

Said creepy anime is creeeeeepy. Another old fashioned type ghost story. Just slightly creepier than Lockwood.

Anyway. I have no point to this post. Except maybe to remind the world to be wary of elevators. Had another dream about one deflating. Don't trust those things. You never know when one will fail and the door will come off and shoot down the hall.

And that's all I have for you. Happy Monday


  1. I never make my bed but throw all my bedding to a corner of the bed for the day haha ;p And wow, you make elevators sounds scary. I don't like escalators ;D

  2. Did you get snow? We had a little snow. I feel like hiding under the covers every day.


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