Wednesday, December 05, 2018

"You have a name, Guy." "Do I, do I?!"

Wherein Jack struggles

Naming characters is hard. Sometimes, in the case of Peter Jones from my Haphazard books they come baring their name and ready to share it because they're good characters who understand one can't fully know them without a name. Then you have the Blade Boys from The Legend of the Blade series.

My brilliant blade boys and their many companions. And their even many, many more secrets. I've never written a series of books in which the characters thrill keeping me in the dark, be it from their names to how the series will know, stuff the author needs to know.

I've started to rewrite the series and my plan is to have book one finished by the end of December.

This would be easier if I knew what to call everyone. Of course at this point I know all the blade boys names. Their families names not so much. And when I ask they just laugh and make me hunt around for them.

I'm on chapter three of the rewrite of The Broken Blade and it is coming along much better as far as world building is going. Guess that's what happens with a story you've been plotting for ten or so years.

That said today is the first day of the blog tour for Finding the Magic. Adam Prince was interviewed at my dear kindred spirits blog at Be sure to pop by and check it out!


  1. And quote is from Galaxy Quest!
    Some of my characters don't get names until the final rounds of edits. Even after sending them to critique partners sometimes.

  2. haha, lovely quote and relatable post. Most of the time all that comes to me, too. I'm a pantser, but I think it's only because I see my story better in my head and don't want to ruin it in a bullet point. But sometimes . . . "they just laugh and make me hunt around for . . . you know, stuff the author needs to know." is so true!

    Good luck making your characters talk!

    1. The link for Jenelle's blog didn't work. So I googled her name and found it that way. I think her link is:


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