Wednesday, December 12, 2018

"I don't think you would accept my help since I'm only waiting up here to kill you."

 In which it has returned

 I shared the story a long while back about the cricket. Let me summarize for those who don't remember or weren't here.

 Briefly, I was babysitting a frog and when I went to feed it one of the biggest crickets got out and disappeared into my house. It started screeching the night my best friend spent the night so we tore the house apart and chased it down with my fencing swords and I think we scared it to death.

 All was silent until she came over another night, and we heard it again. The ghost of the cricket.

 I've kind of forgotten about this story and the cricket and the creepy frog I left behind at my old job. But that was until the last couple nights when I've heard a mellow cricket chirping in my bedroom wall.

 I think the ghost cricket is back. And has followed me to my new place.

 I wonder what a ghost cricket does for revenge? Other than sing me to sleep from the wall....

 I also have a fear my wreath blew off in the storm which is blowing in. I am afraid to go check. It would be sad if it has tumbled off to Kansas or Oz or somewhere without me.

 I also finished my bread baking yesterday. The big loaf doubled in the oven and is the biggest loaf I've ever had come out of my kitchen. I will have to take a picture on Instagram for proof.

 That's all. If anyone knows how to get rid of ghost crickets whom are after revenge after they've been killed let me know.



  1. Ghost crickets, haha! Sounds like the ghost that always prefers to sit by me rather than someone else on airplanes ;p

  2. I saw the bread, it looked amazing!


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