Saturday, December 08, 2018

"Buckle up. Funny."

Wherein Jack has the chills.

So I'm murdering them with tea.

Besides the chills it's been a pleasant weekend. At least today. I finished up all but two gifts and wrapped all but said to. Can't wrap them if they're not done. I also took an extremely long nap because I've not felt well.

It's been foggy here for the past three days. I. Miss. The. Sun. It would be nicer if the fog was thicker and I could go stalking in it.

I got all my shopping done yesterday. And when I say all I mean all. I was out of everything. So o bought a store worth of food and household supplies. Being an adult, I realized, is like playing house. Have I accepted being an adult yet, pssh no. But it is fun playing house.

I went to a tree lot for my Christmas tree. Sadly they cost a small fortune there. Instead I settled for a darling fake one. It's very small but it's grown on me and when I get a real one next year for the living room I'll keep this bitty one for my bedroom.

I really have little of excitement to share tonight. I mean other than buying the store and the weirdest looks I got. As If everyone who saw me knew I lived alone and thought I had too much food. I like to stock up though so I only have to shop every other week. Unless my milk turns into a science experiment but then I just nip down to the little store a block from home.

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Farewell dear readers


  1. right now I'm trying to "murder" a sore throat with lemon water. Seems to be working. ;D


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