Tuesday, January 01, 2019

"Ma'am." "No, no ma'am!"

 Wherein Jack welcomed the New Year snuggled in bed with Dog.

 In all fairness I went to bed early because I had to work early the next morning.

 In all honesty that's just an excuse because I could care less about staying up till midnight alone.

 I did finish season two of Timeless though and plan to watch the movie tonight. But, like, I so cried at the end of it.

 2019. I am kind of glad to see it. Last year was rough and ended on a rough note, It seems every time I got myself up on my feet something knocked me back down last year. I did learn so much though.

 I started to fight again, at the end of the year. I feel more determined than I have for a while, and want to keep going and not so much hide away in my hobbit hole and never come out. There were also a couple of adventures but there were far more rough patches. The rotten job I got myself into, the move, family struggles, grief, depression, it all overwhelmed me at times. By the end of the year, the day after Christmas, I fell apart and sobbed with some friends for a while.

 Nothing has really changed after crying. But I am reminded that I do have friends who are beside me. Cheering me on, getting into my now typical mishaps with me. They've become my family and I would be a fish out of water with them.

 There's no grantee this year is going to be easier or better, but I feel more ready to face it. I have a better job, a new home, I am writing again, and I have a list of goals I am going to set out to accomplish. 

 We all go into new years so hopeful. My wish is to keep this hope alive all year long, and to chase after magic like I never have before.



  1. I'm so sorry 2018 was a rough one for you. That's wonderful you have friends by your side during the hard times. Definitely a blessing! You've been in my prayers and I do so hope 2019 will be a year of joy and healing. Happy New Year! <3

  2. I went to bed early, just because I've had so many late nights and for once I had nothing to do and could sleep. It was wonderful! Then I got up early and wrote a ton on a serial for my blog (coming February or March) that will be Narnia #8 (I feel so arrogant claiming that number).

    I really hope that 2019 is better for you. Rough times are . . . rough. That seems so silly to say. But I understand in part. And I'm here, too, though far away, praying for you and cheering you on!


  3. I hope this year is much better. Sometimes you just need a good cry.

  4. <3 I pray this year is better, and full of many blessings. You are an encouragement!

  5. I'm sorry 2018 was so rough on you. Praying that 2019 is better and just keeps getting better.

    New Year's Eve was kind of a bummer for me, as I wanted to watch Two Towers and see Theoden say "so it begins" at midnight. Oh well. I stayed up alone reading while everyone else fell asleep by 11. But at least I wasn't wakened rudely by the fireworks at midnight like Derek was. LOL! :)

  6. Sorry you had a rough year, Jack. I hope 2019 is kinder to you. Will be praying for you!


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