Monday, January 28, 2019

"She's not the easiest person to get along with. There's a wall."

 Wherein Jack has been feeling crafty.

 And that there has been a shocking lack of my typical mishaps. I am starting to get concerned that they are piling up and waiting to fall from the sky on me. Along with the ghost cricket.

 But as for right now I have my tea and a good book and have accomplished a lot today so I can enjoy both. I also own a sweater now which is not falling to bits around me. HURRAH! 

 Okay, I have so little to say right now. Part because I am in the middle of several projects and they are distracting me. I just wanted to announce that I am still here and up to things and life is going rather nicely lately, especially now I'm over my rotten cold and not sleeping every chance I get.

 Now I will be leaving so I can sip tea and return to my book.



  1. Tea and a good book are the best! And yay for a nice new sweater ;D

  2. Enjoy the crafty and normal streak.
    Still on Emperor's New Groove...


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