Wednesday, January 02, 2019

"You saved my life." "What time?"

 Wherein Jack is a cold German potato.

 A cold German potato who would like to hide under her blanket and read for the rest of the night.

 Why German? Because I am German. Not because I think they have extra cold potatoes.

 Oh yes, and I also REALLY like Josh Groban's music. Just, fact of life.

 Second day of the New Year. Two days in and it still feels like the old year. Haha, like when you have a birthday and don't feel older? Get it? least I amuse myself.

 I have set myself goals this year. Like, nerdy goals because I am that sort of person. Goals which including reading all the books I own which I haven't finished yet, writing a ton, and publishing another book, or two. I will also try to do something exciting which does not involve me breaking something. Or encountering the ghost cricket. Or getting lost. (Haha, did I get lost last year? Yeah....and in my home town too. Awkward.)

 And how am I getting a good start on these goals? Watching TV shows! Oh wait...that's not a good start? But....Timeless. Also I need to finish Voltron. So like, I have to....right?

 Oh yes, and in wonderful reading news, I finished The Guardian Series! I hadn't finished it before because the author took his time publishing the books. But the wait was worth it for Jack Frost.

 That is all. I need to go finish season seven of Voltron.



  1. What if you break the ghost cricket?

  2. Sounds like some awesome goals! I've always wondering about the Guardian series. I might have to try it.

  3. A lot of my goals are to do with books too.

  4. I love Josh Groban, and yes, the year still feels like the old year. I figure after a few months it'll feel like 2019 ;D Have fun watching your show!


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