Sunday, February 24, 2019

"But watching this baby? This I do for free."

 Wherein Jack needs a friend and a camera and to set both loose in the wild.

 My profile picture is so old. And I want to get a new one. BUT I don't have a photography friend set loose in the wild. Maybe I can release one tomorrow.

 That makes it sound as if I keep my friends locked up in cages....*Cough*

 Oh and if anyone was wondering, Dog is so cute. Just, because you were all dying to know that. She didn't really do anything especially cute lately, I just happened to sometimes realize just how cute she is and always feel like sharing that information.

 I had my adopted family over for breakfast today. we partied like it was 1888. And now I am going to keep partying as such. (Actually the party started last night with a secret party which involved two movies. I have FINALLY seen Incredibles Two. Took me long enough.) 

 Haven't heard back from the publisher yet. But, as I like to tell a certain adopted sister, NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER SURRENDER! Unless cookies is involved. NUM NUM COOKIES!

 I am going to go look for cookies now. Bye



  1. Maybe you need to set a trap for a photographer. Pose Dog really cute and they might come running.

  2. I'm a photographer kind of... I mean I think. Sadly, I'm pretty sure I live nowhere near you.

  3. I'd take your photos, but I think we live too far away haha. Love Incredibles 2! and don't surrender even for cookies ;D


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