Tuesday, February 19, 2019

"Don't go getting too far, Stinker."

 Wherein Jack is up too early

 I've always been an early riser, but two thirty?! BRAIN WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! But I am wide awake....probably because I am excited for today, so I may as well do something since I am too awake to sleep.

 I've been hunting down new books to read. Not just new books, I have plenty I want to read, but Christian suspense books which are kind of like Through a Glass Darkly. 

 Why am I looking for them?

 Glad you asked.

 As I tell my friend whom I am helping market, an Author needs to READ. Every day. Reading is as important as writing. And when looking for an agent you want to be able to compare your book to others and send it to the agent who likes books like it. And the only way to do that is to read similar books especially ones the agent represented.

 My problem? All the books I've found like mine so far have been self published. So I have to dig deeper. And maybe go to Bucky and Donna's. Shame. Maybe have to spend hours there browsing books. Pity. Poor me. *Cough*

 The mishaps of Jack are back. I went shopping after work yesterday and got home late but I had been thinking of my BBQ chicken all day so I put it in the oven. After an hour it looked done so I began to ward off Dog and munch my dinner.

 It was still raw. Like bleeding raw. So I quickly stopped eating and made noodles instead. Such a sad dinner when one has been looking forward to BBQ chicken all day. I plan to have it tonight instead since I will be home earlier than yesterday.

 I have lots going on this week. But it is mostly fun stuff. Hence my can't sleep excitement. Also my friend gave me a new story idea which I love and am plotting out and doing research for. Except I can't find books on the subject so will be watching TV shows. Which is a new form of research for me so we will see how that goes.

 And now I am going to get some more work done and plot my new story. Farewell. Don't be like me and get some sleep. 



  1. Only Christian suspense I know is This Present Darkness.

  2. Trips to the bookstore are always fun.

  3. Code of Silence by Tim Shoemaker is a Christian suspense. Hope you get some sleep. It is not fun to be awake at 3 in the morning :(.



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