Saturday, February 09, 2019

"I don't need any calming tea!"

 Wherein Jack got rejected.

 And is possibly being haunted by a squeaky hamster wheel.

 But that can't be proven right at this moment.

 Back to the rejection. Was I prepared for it? Yes I was. Was I still disappointed? Why yes, yes I was.

 Will I move on and keep summitting? PFFT. Of course. I just have to hunt down more agents. OH A HUNTING I WILL GO, OH A HUNTING I WILL GO!

 Sorry, I am now suffering cabin fever since it has been so cold. Besides, I don't know how to hunt a book agent. Catch one in a box, sure, that I can do. Never let them go? Check.

 Maybe I should deal with the haunted hamster wheel first before anything else. At least with all the cold I think the ghost cricket froze. Either way he has stopped haunting me for the time being.

 Okay, I will be off now. I want to get back tot he agent hunt. And make some calming Jasmine tea.



  1. Sorry about the rejection. On to the next one!

  2. It is very cold here as well. Good luck hunting :)!

  3. Good luck! Glad you have tea to warm you up a bit.


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