Wednesday, February 27, 2019

"Marius, who cares about your lonely soul?"

 Wherein Jack has updates

 And is baking bread again. 

 That seems to be all I do lately. Update, bake bread, update again. Listen to Les Misérables. 

 Update time!

 I heard back from one of the publishers! And they wanted my full book. And I sent it. And...

 They want it!!

 But there's a draw back.

 Isn't there always?

 They want to do the editing and get it into book stores which...*HEART EYES* but they need 3000 for the 250 books they will send me.

 I'm just trying to figure out fi that is a good price for a full edit and book stores and 250 books. If anyone can tell me, because this is all new to me, is this normal?

 Just in case I spent all morning submitting to another publisher. Now we go back to waiting. And waiting. And waiting. And baking bread and listening to Les Misérables. Because, let's face it, no one cares about Marius' lonely soul.



 Sorry, Marius.

 I should go now. I have to read some books I signed up to read and review.



  1. Oh, I'd be careful with paying money out ... I think that's called a Vanity Press? And from what I've studied a publisher should never ask money of you. That's just glorified self-publishing, I think? Go Teen Writers has some great posts on Vanity Presses. Of course, it is tempting, because they offer some distribution. I looked into a vanity press once that was connected to Thomas Nelson (that's why it was tempting ;p) But then I finally decided that I wasn't going to pay the publisher to print my book, but would wait until someone was ready to pay me.
    I'm glad you submitted to another! I really hope someone accepts your book!

  2. That's exciting! I don't know enough to give advice on if that's a good offer or not.

  3. I agree with the first person. Don't pay to publish.

  4. Yeah, I’d be wary of a publisher you have to pay. That sounds like a vanity press to me, which is just a more expensive step above self publishing. Very exciting that they want it, but I’d definitely do some research before paying anything. Traditional publishing, they should pay you, not the other way around. Good luck!

  5. No. Jack. No. NEVER PAY OUT MONEY TO A PUBLISHER. NO. NO. Not even for copies of your books.

    Jack, if you're so determined to be traditionally published, go find yourself an AGENT. A GOOD one, who knows the market, and who will keep you from making bad businesses decisions.

    I wish you all the best of luck, Jack, but this just stinks all over of a bad idea.

  6. Definitely don't pay them to print your books. Like the others said, that's what's commonly called a vanity press.
    I hope the next one works out better!


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