Thursday, February 28, 2019

"Trying to fix the boyfriend."

 Wherein Jack is here

 As opposed to there.

 Thank you everyone for the advice. I knew of many different publishers but not Vanity Publishers. I will not be going with them, I will continue my agent hunting.

 And my other hunting, for num num cookies.

 Oooo, I just remembered, I actually have cookies.

 *Dashes off*

 *Comes back*

 I got two so I won't have to get up again after I realize with one that I want another.

 I baked a lovely loaf of bread last night. I just had to post that because it turned out so pretty. Keep an eye on Instagram. I will be showing it off later this weekend I bet.

 Ugh. I want a third num num cookie.

 Yes, that is going to be a thing now.

 I would have posted early tonight but I spent all evening fixing, rather getting help, fixing my Word program. But now everything should be running smoothly as far as computers go. (Haha) And tomorrow I can spend more time writing and less time working online fixing something or other.

 That's all I have for you all. But thank you once again. I will keep you informed as always on the publishing journey.



  1. Baking bread is so much fun! (as are cookies!)

  2. Glad to hear you're still on the search for a publisher ;D And cookies .. I may have ate too many today ;p Love baking bread ;D


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