Thursday, March 07, 2019

"I can break through walls, I just can't seem to get this on!"

 Wherein Jack needs to balance life.

 Just when I feel as if I am caught up on something I look over my shoulder and realize I forgot something else. Or several somethings. About ten somethings.

 And then I sign up for something else so I have eleven.

 I like to keep myself busy, but I think it is time I start to draw the line. I am still slightly behind on book reviews and I will soon have several to do as I am in the middle of three or four books right now. Wait, no it is five. I also just signed up for one more. Fun times.

I have been plugging away at writing. I guess I shouldn't say plugging away when it comes to something I love to do and want to make a career out of, but at this moment somedays I have trouble getting my chapter done. Not because I dislike the book, but because I don't have a ton of extra time.

 Currently I am writing the newest draft of Haphazardly Implausible so I can hopefully get it ready to publish this year. I am marketing and still on the constant hunt for a new publisher. I haven't heard back from my latest submission yet.

I am also determined to get Four and Twenty Blackbirds typed up on my computer this month, as well as go through another edit of So Much Owed so I can start to submit that to editors and agents and publishers.

I would also like to get Under the Willow to an editor, get illustrations ready for it, and prepare that one to be published. I think I might just go through a small self publishing press for that book. But maybe I will be bold and look for a publisher. It is a smaller children's book and I know some are looking for books right now, so we will see how that all goes.

Between all of that I have enough to do, but we mustn't forget I also have another job which ensures I have food to eat so I am not a complete starving artist. Starving author. Starving whatever term one wishes to use. (I have food on the mind as always.)

I am now beta reading as well. Why did I agree to beta read? Perhaps because I wanted to read the book and I didn't wish to wait until it was published. Perhaps. Also because I want to help out the author and I want to get back into beta reading get the idea. But also because early sneak peak. *Coughcough.*

Speaking of sneak peaks, I still need reviews for Through a Glass Darkly. If you want to read it early in exchange for a review online please contact me and I will get you an ecopy.

Right now I am going to bed to read and then sleep.


  1. And now I am exhausted just reading all that! Wow, so many stories to submit...

  2. Oh, totally get that ;0 It seems when I have things to do they decide to come all at once, and then stay forever. Currently I have like four books I'm supposed to be beta reading (maybe more if I counted). It's a nightmare, but most of them are interesting, so not that big of a nightmare.

    Did you ever get the email with the book of mine you asked to read? I can't remember.

    Also, I'd love to write a review for Through A Glass Darkly. Do I need to send that to you, or I am supposed to post it somewhere?

  3. When do you need reviews of Through a Glass Darkly? Like you, I have a problem called, "MUST SIGN UP TO HELP OUT WITH ALL THE THINGS!" and I shouldn't, because we're moving, and that is the main thing right now (and trying to make sure my children learn stuff in the meantime, which isn't easy lately because really so much packing to do... but we did school today after taking an early Spring Break, huzzah!)

    So... all that to say, I'd love to read/review an early copy of Through A Glass Darkly, but if you need the review before the end of March, then I can't hit that deadline.

  4. Sounds like you got a lot of projects going. I do that too. Hope you get them all completed!


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