Thursday, March 28, 2019

"You speak squirrel?"

Wherein Jack realizes a truth

I set myself writing goals and this month failed them. After struggling yet again to right last night I realized my problem when I opened up my nano novel and started working on book two again.

The truth is I'm having trouble writing and writing and writing Haphazard now that I've written the same sense what feels like ten billion times.

Okay it's not ten billion. Let's not get carried away. More like five billion.

That said I'm not quitting. My mom didn't raise a quitter. Something like that. Rather I'm typing up this book once and for all and sending it to an editor. And then working on projects I've not continuously written for years on end.

My ghost mystery series needs a subtitle but I'm struggling coming up with one.

Also I have yet again started too many books and not finished enough. Story of my life.

April will be upon us next week and I'm doing the NaNo April challenge. I'm torn between two books. The second to the ghost mysteries or a gangster story set in Japan. I'm open to votes so vote away. Maybe I'll even release titles but it's unlikely so don't hold your breath.

Getting myself out of a three year writers block has reminded me yet again that writing is hard. And if anyone tells you otherwise their lying or trying to sell something. It takes time and dedication and marketing. And I should go and try to get more of it done.


  1. Feel you on so many levels ... and thanks for reminding me about NaNo ... I think I'll do it this year haha. Good luck getting this book done once and for all, and never quitting ;D

  2. Both stories sound interesting.
    I know what you mean by it feels like you've gone over it millions of times...

  3. Ghost mysteries! Maybe it's because my love of Lockwood and Co, but that would be awesome

  4. Writer block is on my door step too, you could say. Yes writing is hard. Hope you get everything done!


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