Tuesday, March 12, 2019

"The new Gandalf is even grumpier."

 Wherein Jack has little to say.

 Not that I dislike talking to all of you, I am just so tired I forgot all the witty, clever things I had planned on saying.

 I am beta reading a book as well as rereading Narnia and Lord of the Rings. So my wit is not completely gone because of day light savings but also because in comparison to Gimli's mine does not shine as bright.

 After all, few can out wit Gimli.

 Right now I am trying to get up the motivation to get things done so I can return to Narnia and Middle Earth, so I guess I should keep this short.

 Therefore, farewell!



  1. Happy reading ... my sister and I are about to watch Gilmore Girls.


  2. I'm sure it takes some brain power to read Lord of the Rings.


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