Saturday, March 16, 2019

"Well done." "He bulled it!"

 Wherein Jack still hurts.

 A lot.

 I haven't been in so much pain since my broken rib. And that felt like it hurt even less than this. At least then I could lay on my back and it would feel somewhat better. This is constant.

 The sad thing is I don't even know what is wrong. It could be nothing, just an inflamed muscle or something. But I could have torn something. I am going to the doctor on Monday to get it looked at and maybe Xrayed. Because I can barely function with it like this.

 Anyway, while I am stuck on the couch with little movement and a heating pad, I decided I would get some work done. I would like to submit Through a Glass Darkly to at least two more publishers today as well as read one of the books I am beta reading. I might even look at various covers on books similar to Through a Glass Darkly so I can get some idea of what I'd like my cover to look like. I love it when new covers come out!

 Likely though all I am going to get done is whimpering in pain and watching some movies. And anime. And reading Manga and Tintin. I want to reread Pandora Hearts, because goodness knows I've not read that series enough. I am also making my way through Tintin again, because I love those books.

 So anyway. If you could all pray for me that would be most welcome. I could use a lot of prayer that I will have a speedy recovery and be able to endure the pain for as long as it lasts.''




  1. OH NO. I am SO sorry, Jack! D: Of course I'll be praying for you. So, sooo hope it gets better SOON. <333

  2. So sorry your in pain, Jack! I hope you figure out what's wrong! Will be praying!

  3. Hope you can feel better soon. No fun not knowing what's causing the pain ;/

  4. I hope you feel better soon! I'm sorry to hear you're hurting. :/ I hope you're week gets better and that you enjoy your rereads!

  5. Hope you can feel better soon. I am following your beautiful blog and I hope you follow back too. Greatings from Austria 😊


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