Tuesday, March 05, 2019

"You are awesome! You are beyond awesome! You are B-awesome!!"

 Wherein Jack might not like submitting.


 I don't exactly dislike it, but it just takes so much time. I feel as if I haven't written a word since I started. How do authors do this? Authors, you have my admiration.

 Also I found my wrist brace yet again so I can type faster. And I bought a mouse because the one on my computer stinks.

 Right now I am not looking up agents and publishers but am writing. I am behind on my writing goals but I know I can get caught up if I start catching up today. So once I finish posting I will be off to write, and not to fall asleep on the couch until two thirty in the morning again....*cough*

 I am pulling some books off Amazon to publish after a good edit and cover update. Some of you will remember John, the baby hedgehog who lives with me and eats all my cookies and writes. I am going to be publishing that book again, only with pictures! I found an illustrator. I just need to get into editing and look for an editor to hire. John doesn't count even though I can pay him in cookies.

 And yes, I am a child. Playing with a baby hedgehog....*smirk*

 Okay though. I should go. I want to write and edit and market before I fall asleep.


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  1. It is a long process.
    Great you will be adding illustrations.


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