Who is Jack?

 *Sits down and adjust bow tie. Then fiddles around with microphone.* "I can break through walls but I just can't seem to get this thing...ON."
 *Sits up straighter and smiles into the microphone.*

 Alex Cavanaugh: "What does Jack do for fun?"
 *Clears throat*. Well, I have a few versions of fun, but the top two are a lot alike. I like to sit outside in the sunshine with a book and a glass of iced tea, or huddle up under blankets and watch TV or movies with a cup of hot tea. It always just depends on the weather.
 Sometimes though, if I am feeling productive, I will go for walks. This might sound like a safe, normal pastime, but I'm usually spying or trying to sneak across Troll Bridges when I walk. Keeps like interesting.

 Jenelle Leanne: What is the story behind the "Jack" nickname? And is it "Jack O'Malley" a representation of the author...or is the author name sprung from the creation of that character? Oh, and how did you come to the possession of a pet hedge-hog?
 Well, my nickname has a rather long story behind it. It was kind of thrust upon me, while I laid claim to it. And if you think that is confusing, I've only just begun. But I shall try and keep it short.
  Part of my nickname came from C.S. Lewis, who was called Jack by his friends. I once started a writing group where everyone used as their pen name the name of their favourite author. I picked Lewis'. Then, early one morning, so early no one should have been up, my friend and I were chatting online about pirates, a character I had who was named Jack, Lewis, and French - she was talking in French. One thing lead to another, though I was too sleepy to remember what, and by the end of it I was given the nickname Jack.
 I stole my last name from my hero, Henri Baillot. (There is a longer story behind my name, which you can read about HERE and...coming soon.)

 Jack O'Malley came about before I got my nickname. The name belonged to someone else, but when I began Haphazardly she informed me it was really hers. So, even though we are both called Jack, our names have no connection as we didn't get them from each other.

 And I need to do a post on John, my hedgehog. I forgot some of my new readers might not know who he is or how he came to live with me. I will post the link for that here as well. For now I will sum up by saying he is my writing helper. He makes certain I eat, sleep, and go outside and do things. And he makes sure I edit. You can find his blog HERE

 Cait: What DOES Jack eat for breakfast? (Does Jarvis ever remind her it was gluten free waffles?)
 Wait, how did you know about Jarvis? Are you stalking me? o.O
 Hm, that is one of the greatest mysteries of all time. You see, Jack sometimes forgets to eat all together, so trying to find out what she had for breakfast can be tricking. Usually it is something fast that I don't have to cook or put a lot of effort into. Like cereal. But if there happen to be muffins in the house you can be sure I will be snatching some of them. Muffins are the best breakfast food ever!

 Deniz Bevan: Where in the world would Jack like to visit and/or live?
 Scotland. See, I didn't even have to think. I would live in the Highlands, where a kilt, and at random moments shout, "FREEDOM!" Oh yes, and I'd learn to play the bagpipes.  

 Kendra E. Ardnek: What is your favourite Fairy Tale? Re-telling? How many cookies does John eat a day? Why do authors kill their characters? How?
 I like all the original fairy tales. The Brother's Grimm ones where not everything ended happily ever after. That is the warped side of me I suppose. I feel like Anne. "It is so much more romantic when it ends in tragedy." Though I do like a happily ever after every now and then. Like my favourite re-telling, Tangled! (That one counts, right?) I've always found the original disturbing, even for me, so I loved that re-telling.
 John doesn't eat too many cookies, he doesn't even eat one a day. He likes to think he does but I'm a good hedgehog owner and only give him one a week.
 Authors kill their characters either out of insanity, grief, or because they are purely evil. (Insanity because they happen to be fans themselves and have suffered through things like BBC. Grief over bad days or, again, fictional characters dying that they loved. Evilness because they just like to make their readers cry.) Sometimes though, you get the author who wants to keep everyone alive and the characters who show up and say, "I have to die though for the plot to work out." And then that author is reduced to a sobbing heap on the floor because they loved that character and now have to kill them. (I fit into all of the above.)
 How they kill them, you'd have to ask someone else. Try Moffat. I never plot out character deaths. They just happen. When I do know of it ahead of time I fight it, but it never works. So, I'm not the best person to give out advice.

 Bella Rose: What is your least favourite character ever written?
 I've been avoiding this subject since reading the book because I didn't want to risk making the author feel bad. Besides, a lot of people love the book. I felt bad for wanting to throw it out the window. (Let's just say it is personal preference and it just wasn't my kind of book) But there are two characters, actually, whom I can't stand. They're a couple and their names are Peter and Mariah.

 Do your characters actually DO things you want or does your story happen to take twists that forces you to change the characters?
 Do what I want? *Blink* Like, they let me be in charge, like good characters are supposed to do? Nope, I've only ever had that happen once and a few years later he showed up and said, "All those books you wrote with me? Well, you got me wrong, let's change them!"
 My stories do take twists when the characters finally show me what their really like. (I don't change the characters though, they change themselves.) But Peter's book, I had to completely re-write the first draft because I didn't know him in the first one.

 What kinds of books are your favourite to write?
 Fantasy and Steampunk. Probably Steampunk a little more because I love gears and clocks and airships. (I don't do the magical Fantasy books usually. They're more quest books with kings and knights and sometimes dragons and swords. Lots and lots of swords.)

 What is the worst book you've ever read?
 I'd say the one with my two least favourite characters, but I loved the plot in that one and all of the side characters. It was just the main ones I couldn't stand.
 I read one book once where the hero was perfect, and he sometimes even bragged about it. Everyone else I know who read it loved it, I wanted to stick it with a knife it annoyed me so much. So I will go with that one.

 Do you get easily addicted to TV shows or does it take you awhile to become obsessed?
 I try to never get so obsessed I do nothing but watch TV...but the geek in me does love a good TV show and in the evenings in the winter I do like to curl up under blankets and watch them. (Not so much in the summer.) But, as most know from reading my blog, I'm a big TV fan. Especially BBC. And no, it doesn't take me long to get hooked on a TV show. Usually by the second episode, only because I hate first episodes. I think the only one I've liked right off was the new Doctor Who - with Nine. Other than that I sit there going, "Yeah, yeah, I don't care. I'll get to know the characters later. Can we get on with the plot already?!"

 Would you consider yourself a fan girl?
 Definitely. I don't know the fan girl language yet, but I'm slowly learning. (I know what OTP means now, and I've been practicing speaking in one word sentences. "This." "Accurate." And so forth.
 I'm a huge Doctor Who Fan girl. Whenever I see someone wearing a shirt in public I slap the arm of the family member closest to me and hiss, "He has the TARDIS on his shirt."

 Do you like marshmallows in your cocoa?
 I didn't know there was an a in cocoa...I feel traitorous because I've been spelling it wrong for so many years.
 No, I don't like them in my cocoa. It is wrong and a crime of nature. Marshmallows are meant to be burned over a camp fire and eaten in the dark with the stars overhead, not stuffed into yummy cocoa where they delude the delicious chocolate flavour. That is seriously wrong.

 How do you like your coffee?
 With tons of sugar and flavour until it is no longer coffee. (That is the only un Ranger thing I do. I can't stand black coffee, sorry, Halt.)

What is your favourite time of the day?
 I have two. Early morning and late at night, when no one else is up and the house is quiet and I can be alone.

 When did you first decide becoming an author sounded like fun?
 When I was thirteen. This was before I'd met Steed and Kirk and Peter and all the others. Before they argued with me, changed the plot, and broke my heart into little, bitty pieces.

 Who is your favourite villain? (Either of your own creation or someone elses.)
 Moriarty. I don't know what it is about him, but whenever I think of cruel, pure villainy villains I always think of him. I have since I first read the book. He was just so sneaky and slightery and....mean.

 Do you like rainy days or sunny days more?
 I like them the same. I like walking in the rain, or sitting inside with a good book. And I love laying on the swing in the sun with a book.

 Do you enjoy fangirling or does it annoy you that you're a fan girl?
 I love being a fan girl. One, I get to quote Dickens fan line All. The. Time. Two, I love being a geek and having fun with it. There is nothing more fun than bombarding your friends with tons of emails about certain TV shows and books, and having panic attacks over the characters.

 Do you watch SHIELD?
 I was a huge advocate in the Coulson Lives! theory. I love the Avengers. I love Coulson even more. (You've no idea how much I love him. He's a spy, and he's a geek, you can't get anything better than that.) So yes, I watch it, and I love it. Especially Coulson.

 Do you usually wiz through TV marathons in a weekend?
 If there are eight seasons in the TV show it takes me...about a month and a half. *Blink* I'm not sure what else to add because reading it, I am sitting here thinking, "That can't be good for your health." And the other part of me is saying, "Who cares? Sleep is stupid."

 What is your favourite TV show?
 Doctor Who. I love Merlin, Sherlock, Agents of SHIELD, Grimm - I LOVE Grimm - Psych, Star Trek, My Little Pony, Columbo, Get Smart, the old TV series of The Avengers - if you haven't seen it, find it and love it, that's an order - The Adventures of Tintin. But Doctor Who, it will always be super special to me. It has everything one should love in a TV series. Fifty years of episodes to watch, a cool, Alien hero, Fairy Tale stories, Science Fiction, a cool, dashing, mysterious Alien....

 Which are you the most likely to get geeky about?
 All of them. Probably Doctor Who more than the others, but I am always sneaking references into every day life from TV shows. Not many people get them, but they're there.

 What will you being doing on November 23rd? 
 Having a Hermit's United party with my fez, bow tie, and jammy dodgers....unless it happens to be in my theatre. Then I will be taking my fez, bow tie, and jammy dodgers on a date.

 Do you like bunk beds?
 Bunk beds are cool.
 I have one.

 Have you ever wanted to be a spy?
 I STILL want to be a spy!

 How about a time traveler?
 Considering the fact my best friend died 100 years before I was born...YEP! I'd go back and met him without giving it a second thought.

 Milk or apple juice?
 Milk. I like milk.

 Do you like pie?
 I LOVE pie, so much more than cake, unless it is wedding cake. I like wedding cake. But pies are so yummy. It's a crime I'm so cruddy at baking them.

 Do you enjoy getting rave emails?
 The raver the better. They seriously make my day. I've gotten a couple random ones since starting this blog and they've made me insanely happy. (I even saved them.)

 What is the absolute best smell to you?
 The air after it rains. I love that smell...well, and the smell of fall. They tie.

 Sam or Dean?
 Both, both, both is good.
 I can't pick a favourite because I wouldn't like either without the other. Dean would be a grump who did everything he was told without question and never stop to consider the people he was hurting. Sammy would be a wimp who lives a boring lawyer life with his wife. But together they balance each other. As they put it, they keep each other human. (And everyone who's seen the show knows it is true because we've seen what they're like without the other. Creepy.)

 A Bit Unlikely,