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When you have Eliminated the Impossible, Whatever Remains, However Improbable, must be The Truth.

Jack Lewis Baillot is not a king or queen of Narnia, though she would be if her wardrobe was working.

She is Spartacus.  

She was not born on another planet though when she retires she is moving to Mars, or the Moon. 

She can wear a red shirt because she is Scottish. 

She sleeps in a bed because her hammock developed a fault

She has never kissed a frog, not sure what she would do if it turned in to a prince.

She can remain unseen when she wishes and thinks that to disappear entirely is a rare gift. 

She does think The World Is Quiet Here.

She probably is Exceptionally Ordinary. 

She was an honorary Boy Scout.

She is on Aslan's side even if there isn't any Aslan to lead it.

She has never taken over a country though she is working on conquering the world. 

She wasn't the first Viking to ride a dragon, more like the sixth.

She has ridden on a scorpion and she thinks it is better then being inside one. 

She didn't simply walk into Mordor. 

She is a Ranger and she might be a deadly aim with the bow, you never know.

She is not a Time Lord with her memory locked in a watch, at least, she doesn't think she is. She's never really opened her pocket watch to find out. 

She is one of Robin Hood's Merry Not-So Men and she is the one who tripped him.

She was not working at the shoe factory when 300 soles were lost. 

She has sword fought Miraz and won.

She is a Took, and would throw a stone down a well to see how deep it is.

She does have a pen which turns into a sword and she is dyslexic

She does chase fallen stars in Stormhold and she has flown on a Zeppelin and caught lightening. 

She is on a first name basis with Snoopy. 

She is a spy for both the Ministry and Control. 

She will have to wipe you memory now that you know that.

She is a pirate who doesn't do anything. 

She does know how to crash land an aeroplane.

She does wear brown shoes with a blue suit and she is glad pin stripes are "in."

She does know how to fly a plane because she interviewed a pilot once. 

She will not grow up. 

She doesn't mean, "I love you," when she says, "As you wish."

She did loose her hat... again

She doesn't trust cabbies and she thinks Mrs. Hudson is your housekeeper, dear.

And she's never been to Boston in the fall. 

Jack as a Lego

 A Bit Unlikely,