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 Publishing a book is hard work, I know this from experience. When I published my first book I was given a lot of help, and I would like to offer the same kind of help for those starting out.
 If any of these interest you or if you have questions, you can email me at
 Some of these services I charge for, but I understand having a limited fund and I will not over charge or charge something unreasonable. Also, I am willing to work with everyone, let me know if you are unable to pay at all and something will be worked out. I want everyone to have the best possible chance of getting their book into the publishing world.

 What I can help with, what I have to offer.

 Editing/ Beta Reading:
 I can help find things such as grammatical errors, punctuation, and plot holes. While I do not consider myself a professional editor, I would be a second pair of eyes, which is essential for publishing. (The more eyes one can get the better.)

 It is very important to have your book looking its best, inside and out. I've done a lot of work with formatting and would be happy to help with any formatting troubles, or to format the book for those who would rather have someone else do it. Fonts and styles would be worked out with the Author so that the book would look the way they want it. But, I will help in making the inside look neat and clean, easy to read and with no odd spacing which likes to show up once it is published.

 Cover Design:
 This is one of the most important parts about getting your book ready to publish. The cover needs to look professional and eye catching. I know a great cover artist who is willing to work with the Author to give them the cover they will love.

 Book Reviews:
 It is important for new Authors to get word out about their books. I love doing book reviews for starting out authors, and I am also willing to do blurps for books. (Sometimes, it helps to have a published author read your book and say a little something about it which can be put on the book itself.)
 With reviews, I prefer to buy the books I review - to support the author. But I would also be willing to do book exchanges, I give you a copy of my book for a copy of yours, and I am also willing to read books which are not yet published and help get word out about it before it hits the shelves. Just let me know which best suits you.
 I do have standards and I will not read books with many swear words or questionable scenes. But, I read all different kinds of genres and age groups.

 General Publishing Help:
 Anything from setting up a website or blog to pushing the publish button. I am willing to answer any and all questions and help in whatever way possible. I offer step-by-step help so that your publishing journey will be as smooth and enjoyable as possible. 

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